FastMotion Team

We are young and dynamic team with a passion for cycling.

With a detailed knowledge of the island, aware of every climb, downhill, trail and mountain pass.

We look after the bikes to keep them in the best condition and ready to ride.

We are able to help with the bike or a tip for your next tour.

Pascal (Owner)

I moved to Fuerteventura when I was 23. At that time cycling on Fuerteventura was in one way or another not possible.

The roads were not maintained properly. The bus and car drivers were not used to see cyclists on the roads.

Luckily over the years this situation has changed, improved. The roads are getting repairs, the surface is being replaced. And it continues to get better! Now even professionals and teams alike come to train on Fuerteventura.

You can see a lot of road bike riders on the roads. And the bus and car and lorry drivers are not surprised by it anymore and accepted cyclist as part of the usual traffic.


Thanks to my own experience and many years of cycling, I dare to say "I know what cyclist desire and want and like!" Be it if you come to train or ride for fun. Be it you chose a road bike, mountain bike or fatbike!


Let's go cycling!


Our tourguides are all sympathic athletes, with a good sense of humor, they are able to ride every level.

You can be pleased to ride with them, you will love our guided tours!